4 Important Steps For Planting New Trees

4 Important Steps For Planting New Trees

If you are thinking of planting a new tree in your yard, be prepared to share a long-term relationship with the tree – and it’s wonderful. Sadly, often we see trees improperly planted around us. And the reason this happens is that these trees have not been rightly taken care of since the start. 

So, to make sure that the new tree (that you plan to plant) is in perfect health, first, you will need to know how to plant it in the right way. For you, we have collected some of the best ideas to guide you with planting new trees in your yard with utmost care and love. 

4 Ideas For Planting New Trees In Your Yard

1. The suitable seasons’

The fall and spring seasons are the ideal times for planting new trees. The summer seasons are waning, with cool evenings.

The autumn and spring seasons are considered best for tree planting because the days remain warm and sunny, and even if the nights are cooler, they are not cold. Also, you will find the soil still warm and easy to work on in both seasons. Irrigation water and rainfall water will not even freeze. Your new plant will get a lot of rain, with all the moisture it needs in spring. 

2. Which location?

Before starting to shovel, you should evaluate your property. Scan all around, look down and up. There might be things surrounding your property that may damage or interfere with your tree’s growth. 

For example 

  • Property boundary
  • Driveways, sidewalks, patios, or decks
  • Garages, houses, other structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Tanks 
  • Underground sewer lines or septic fields.

Also, make sure your desired location for your new plant gets proper sunlight, soil volume, and water. Sunlight is the primary component. If your chosen tree needs full sun, choosing a shady spot will cause problems in the long term.

However, Branch Specialists can decide the best location for you as they have been providing the best tree services in New Jersey for years. They are highly experienced and know all about tree care. 

Anytime you plant your trees in the wrong location, you can reach out to them, and they will provide you with the most affordable and quick tree removal services in New Jersey. Get your tree removed and replant it in your desired location with the help of your local tree service company.

3. The right amount of depth

After you bring the new plant home, you will need to plant it as soon as possible. And for that, you need to abide by a few steps.

First, you need to check that the soil is evenly moist while digging the hole. Dig the hole up to three times the width of the nursery’s container.

 A very smooth-walled hole will be extremely solid for the root hairs to penetrate. Also, you need to remove any concrete, clay chunks, rocks, and debris from the soil so that it does not block the tree plant roots. 

4. Planting and finishing up

If you are bringing the tree from a nursery, make sure to gently remove it from the can and not to pull it out by its branches or trunk. If your tree is burlapped and balled, let the burlap remain until you position the tree at the correct height. 

Once you rightfully place the tree in the planting hole, backfill the dug-out soil and water thoroughly. However, get the care your tree deserves from professionals of tree care services. 

Your Takeaway!

Planting new trees need care and nourishment, just like a newborn child. Hence, hiring a reliable tree service can be the best for you. We have been providing the best tree services in New Jersey for years. Get in touch with our team and know how to grow your greens with love and care. 

You’re just a call away at (973) 264-0026 to reach your local tree care professionals.  

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