Best Tree Removal Company: 5 Helpful Tips for Identifying a Hazardous Tree

Worrying about a tree falling and damaging property or even worse, hurting a person is serious. Tree hazards can also bring in liability issues. If your tree falls and damages your neighbor’s property, you could easily invite in a costly lawsuit.

Thus, you must hire the best tree removal company to inspect your trees regularly. Only expert arborists can identify if there are any underlying causes of concern.

For that, you need to watch out for some tree hazards yourselves to identify potential tree risks. Then, give us a call for a professional tree inspection.

Read on to know when it is time to call the licensed tree removal service near me to take care of hazardous trees. 

Call the best tree removal company as soon as you spot these signs
1. Hanging, Broken, or Damaged Branches

The most visible (and most obvious) telltale sign is broken or hanging tree limbs. 

However, limb damage skips the eyes of many, especially if you’re not a professional. The top-rated services of Branch Specialists New Jersey can identify all kinds of broken tree limbs. Their skilled arborist looks up for splits and cracks to identify the severity of the damage. 

So, the next time you doubt spotting broken limbs on your trees, call Branch Specialists and clear your doubts away.

2. Dead Tree Limbs

Hanging tree limbs not only calls for the best tree removal services near New Jersey. Also, there may be limbs dying on your tree that calls the attention of the best tree removal company.

Tree limbs lie dead on trees without you even realizing it. Eventually, this falls off and causes severe damage.

Also, dead tree limbs remain on trees for years long. They gradually spread up the decaying to healthy tissues, further worsening the problem.

So, look out for dead tree limbs and hire a tree trimming service near me as soon as you spot one.

3. Changes In The Tree Bark

Do you notice some “ingrown bark tissues” in your trees?

Any idea what it is?

Ingrown bark tissues develop where two or more tree stems grow closer together. The barks from a “V” foundation and splits up eventually. 

Don’t know how to find one?

No worries! The best tree removal company, Branch Specialists looks at tree barks and quickly identifies discolored and peeling barks.

4. A Leaning Tree

Notice a leaning tree?

Then, call out for the best tree removal service near me. The professionals will come and measure several factors, like,  how long has the tree been leaning? Is it a new change? Is it leaning more today than last week?

Expect this kind of question from the best tree removal company. Your responses will determine the overall assessment of the tree’s safety. 

5. Tree Root Damage

Construction activities may unknowingly damage the tree roots. But the problems show up later. 

Some of the visible signs of root damage are –

  • Wilting
  • Thinning foliage
  • Undersized leaves
  • Dead branches

Of course, these issues may be signs of other tree problems. The pro arborist of Branch Specialists can distinguish it for you. 

Be a wise homeowner and hire the best tree removal company

As a homeowner, we advise you to be responsible and proactive about the property’s safety. You can do this by hiring the most affordable tree service near me of Branch Specialists. Their expert professionals conduct a thorough assessment of your trees.

With them, you will be making a wise choice to enhance the property’s safety and security. 

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