6 Signs to Call for Emergency Tree Removal

There’s nothing more unfortunate than sudden tree accidents that can put your and your loved ones life at stake. Thanks to the location of New Jersey – the area is highly prone to storms and severe weather events. Anytime you look at the weather reports, the occurrence of these events is quite evident.

So, if you have a big standing alongside your property- and your gut is telling you that the tree might fall or break – only an insane person would wait and not call for emergency tree removal.

Also, it’s not only your gut feeling! Sometimes trees look healthy on the outside but are hollow on the inside – and all it takes is one storm to rip it off the ground.  

Let’s learn about some of the signs that can help you detect whether or not to call for emergency tree removal services. 

6 Signs Indicating The Need For Emergency Tree Removal Services 
Symptoms of tree diseases

The next time you go near a tree, try to notice any symptoms of the disease. Diseased trees typically have unusual growth patterns, spotted leaves and bleeding cankers, etc. If you find any of the trees have these symptoms, call the tree removal service of  Branch Specialists New Jersey immediately.

Overhanging branches

In the growth phase, as the tree grows higher, the branches can start to spread wide over the house roofline. If you have any such trees near your house,  whose branches are too close to your roof, it’s recommended to remove them immediately before any mishaps happen.

Tree suddenly starts leaning

If the big tree has suddenly started leaning to one side, it’s an indication that it might have gotten weak and can fall at any moment. It’s time to call for emergency tree removal and get the tree removed immediately.

Compromised trunk

You can easily check whether a tree’s trunk is damaged or not by looking at the cracks, cavities, and large pieces of missing bark in the trunk. These are strong indications that the tree is not structurally sound and can break and fall at any moment.

Anytime you detect these factors, call our certified arborist and get your tree inspected for cavities or other internal damage. 

Sprouts and small branches are emerging from the trunk

Small branches or sprouts coming out of the trunk of the tree, are signs showing the tree is under stress and the graft has failed. You shouldn’t go into closer proximity with these kinds of trees, let alone live near them.

Dusty Mildew on leaves or trunk

If you notice dusty or powdery white mildew on the leaves or the tree’s trunk, it’s a signal that the tree is no longer healthy. While dusty mildew might be treatable in the early phases, after a certain time, it can majorly affect the health of the tree and the people living nearby.

Rater than treating it with pesticides, call an arborist who can inspect the tree and let you know if you need an immediate tree removal service.

Final Thoughts

Old, dead, and diseased trees can be very harmful, especially in areas like New Jersey. The next time you come across a tree and notice any of the above symptoms, know you need to call for emergency tree removal service asap.

Residents of New Jersey can call on (973) 264-0026 and get in touch with the best tree removal company in New Jersey for top-notch and quick service.

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