DIY Tree Care Work: Is It Safe?

DIY Tree Care Work: Is It Safe?

Homeowners don’t always need to dial up the best tree services in New Jersey every time for tree maintenance. They can do certain tree care tasks themselves. 

With that being stated, there are limitations to the extent of DIY tree work we recommend. Read on to learn the kinds of tree care work we encourage you to carry on yourselves (with the right equipment, knowledge, and safety precautions, of course!). And when you should call professional arborists instead.

What Tree Care Work Should You Not DIY?

First things first – we never recommend cutting down a whole tree by yourselves. Certainly, anyone can pick up a chainsaw and start hacking away a tree. But know that without proper experience and knowledge, you’ll expose yourselves to severe injuries and property damage.

We hear stories of homeowners being seriously injured or even killed while trying to remove trees. So, if you have a tree that needs removal, always call the best tree removal services in New Jersey.

Tree Work To Do Yourselves

This is something homeowners can tackle on their own without a professional tree trimming service. But make sure you know about trimming work before you start.

The wrong tree trimming service can leave your tree more vulnerable to pests and diseases. They also ruin the tree’s crown and the branching structure. These translate into more money later on and more stress on your trees as it tries to seal off the wounds.

That said, if done correctly, trimming is one of the effortless tree care tasks you can DIY without the help of the best tree trimming services in New Jersey. It can significantly influence the health and appearance of your trees.

Get Some Knowledge Before You Start The DIY Tree Trimming Service

Trees (hopefully) stay around for a long time. So, a little education about taking care of them is a wise investment. Besides, you most certainly don’t want to be known as that person who killed their precious trees. So, before picking up the trimming tools, learn how to do the basic tree trimming service.

Take Safety Seriously

The risk of injury from DIY tree trimming services is real. Hence, you should be prepared with the right safety equipment. 

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is quintessential. 
  • You’ll also need safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from falling branches and debris. 
  • If you’re trimming above eye level, you’ll require a hard hat.
  • Gloves to grip the tree trimming service tools securely.
  • Heavy clothing and sturdy shoes to resist any tearing from tree branches.
A Final Word

While we make our living maintaining trees, we still encourage homeowners sometimes to take up simple tree care tasks like tree trimming service themselves. At the same time, we would also like to warn you about the risks that come with tree care work. Thus, whilst doing any DIY tree care work, we urge you to practice utmost caution and use all safety measures.

Dial (973) 264-0026 For Major Tree Care Work

You can do the basic tree care tasks yourselves. But when it comes to heavy and potentially dangerous tasks, leave it to our professional arborists. Our licensed experts will get the work done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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