Why is Spring the Best Time To Hire Tree Removal Services?

Why is Spring the Best Time To Hire Tree Removal Services?

For most homeowners, spring is ‘that time’ when their green beauties come back to life. But little do they realize that spring is also the best time to nurture the health of their trees – which calls to hire the services of the best tree removal services in New Jersey.

If you’re not sure what spring tree removal service means, let’s get some in-depth information on the topic.  And by the end of this write-up, you will have a thorough understanding of how to take care of your tall beauties during spring following the winter months. 

Hiring A Tree Removal Company In Spring To Mend Winter Damage

The harsh weather conditions of winter, especially snow and ice, damage the branches, roots, and soil surrounding the trees. Hence, early spring is the perfect time to hire a tree removal service to evaluate the signs of winter disease or decay. 

If you’re sure how to spot one, look at some of the tell-tale signs of winter damage mentioned below. These signs indicate your tree desperately calls for emergency removal services.

How To Spot And Remove Winter Damaged Trees?
#Sign1:  Broken Branches

The most common winter damage signs to look out for are broken tree limbs. You can spot this one quite easily. If a branch breaks out due to a snow storm or ice pile, it juts out at an unnatural angle.

Remember, it’s common for trees to lose a few branches over winter. But if your tree has lost a significant number of tree limbs, you must essentially hire a tree removal service. Or else your trees could go into shock anytime and fall over your property causing irreparable damage. 

#Sign2: Frost Damage

One of the major concerns with trees over winter is frost damage. Recognizing and acting on frost damage is an imperative spring care task. 

The most obvious sign to figure out frost damages is by witnessing whether your tree foliage has developed a brown or black shade. 

As with broken branches, frost damage structurally weakens your tree. Eliminate it immediately with a professional tree removal service to steer clear of unwanted accidents and injuries.

#Sign3: Pest Infestation

Winter is a dormant time for many pests. Yet, there are some pesky ones that just never seem to quit. These include moths, aphids, and mites. 

Another treacherous winter damage that calls for a spring tree removal service is rodent infestation. Most homeowners tend to forget about this one. But it can cause massive damage to your trees over winter. 

Rodent and pest tree damage is easy to notice. You must give your trees a closer inspection for it. Some of the visible signs of rodent damage are missing tree bark, claw, and bite marks. Look out for these signs at the trunk and exposed roots of the tree.

Spring Is The Ideal Time To Recognize And Repair Tree Winter Damage 

Your trees may have survived many winters. But that doesn’t imply that they are invincible. A tough New Jersey winter can defeat even the sturdiest branches. Or a crack from ice build-up could be the last straw for your mature tree.

It is in spring that these winter tree issues come to light. And it’s wise to address and fix them with the help of professional tree removal services before the summer months kick in. As trees continue to grow leaves in spring, their weight also increases. This could become a weighty issue for the structurally frail tree.  So, act sooner than later.

Hire Branch Specialists New Jersey For Removing Trees From Property In Spring

Winter-damaged trees are already a hazard. Hence, you will need the services of the best tree removal company in New Jersey for the efficient & safe removal of trees from your yard. And who could be a better option for that than your local tree experts – Branch Specialists New Jersey? Our licensed tree removal team carries years of expertise and experience in successfully hauling down winter-damaged trees without any hassle. 

Hire us today for a spring tree removal service!

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