6 Luminous Trees That are Common in New Jersey Neighborhoods

Trees aren’t the first thought that comes to our mind when we think of New Jersey, right? This may come across as a surprise to you but New Jersey homes a diverse range of 49 native tree species. 

New Jersey is also called the “Garden State”. Since ancient times, the forests of the city have been a vital source of natural sources. The green covers almost 45% of the city’s total landmass.

In this blog, we have brought forth the top 6 native plants that the top notch tree service. can plant in your New Jersey properties. These unique trees will for sure thrive and bring positive vibes to your property.

Choose your favorite one and make sure to welcome one to your property this spring!

1. Oak Trees

There are 8 native oak species in New Jersey – Scarlet, Chestnut, White, Black Jack, Willow, Bear, Southern Red, and Water oaks. All of them feature distinctive elongated and lobed leaflets (apart from the Chestnut and Willow oak). 

The oak trees, with their timeless beauty and stately presence, are one of the popular trees in the city of New Jersey. If you want to experience the beautiful fall showing of oak trees, consider planting one from the top notch tree service.

2. Walnut Trees

The delicious nuts covered in spherical, fragrant, and lime-green hauls are what New Jersey’s Black Walnut trees are famous for. Their feather-like and pinnate leaf patterns magnify the aesthetics of the property. 

The gigantic walnut trees grow up to 50-100 feet. They are best to look at in late spring with their yellow-green flowers. Get one from the top notch tree service. and make way to relishing the crunchiest walnuts in autumn.

3. Hazel Alder

If you have a relatively small space, then plant Hazel Alder Tree from the top notch tree service. will be a clever choice. It reaches only up to 10-20 feet. They produce delightful brownish-yellow flowers in spring.

The hazel alder trees grow perfectly in wet soils and swampy areas. Try planting this native New Jersey plant this spring.

4. Tulip tree

This benevolent exotic tree brings in aromatic yellow cone-like flowers and beautifully tulip-shaped leaves. Their blossoms are a delight to watch in spring. The leaves develop a vibrant yellow hue in the fall adding color to property all year round. 

For that spectacular color display of gorgeous golden foliage, plant one from the top notch tree service.

5. Sweet Birch Tree

The sweet birch tree native to New Jersey has dark and shiny bark. Its twigs bring in the fragrance of wintergreen. The blossoms of the tree show up in April, right before the leaves of this deciduous species appear. 

If your property has damp soil, sweet birch trees would be the perfect addition to get from the tree service in New Jersey.

6. American Holly

The glossy, pointy holly trees with bright red berries are common in properties and streets of New Jersey. It brings in a bright pop of color during winters. The clippings of the tree can be perfectly used for holiday decorations.

Also known as “Christmas Holly”, you can consider getting this plant from the top notch tree service, to keep premises green all year long. 

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