Debunking 5 Most Common Myths about Tree Removal Services

Debunking 5 Most Common Myths About Tree Removal Services

With so much information revolving around us, it’s hard for homeowners to figure out what is true and what is not. Especially when it comes to a complicated task such as tree removal.

There are a lot of old wives’ tales about tree removal work that’s revolved out there for ages. Homeowners delay urgent tree-cutting services due to these myths. This can be dangerous to trees and the people living near them.

Here we’re listing the 6 most popular myths about the best tree removal services in New Jersey. We also have facts to prove all the false verdicts wrong. Check them out!

5 Misconceptions About Tree Removal Services 🌳

# Myth 1 – You Must Hire The Best Tree Removal Company In New Jersey Only When Your Trees Get Old


If the tree is infected or has broken branches, you shouldn’t delay the removal till the tree gets old. Be proactive and call the tree trimming and removal services instantly.

Broken and diseased trees can fall off at any moment endangering the safety of your loved ones. Also, there is the risk of the disease spreading to your other healthy trees.

# Myth 2 – Tree Removal Work Has No Long-Term Side Effects


Unfortunately, it may have some! The cosmetic effects of removing a beloved and beautiful tree are obvious. But you can easily repair that grief with a new sapling. Apart from that, you may face some erosion issues too.

Tree roots play a vital role in tackling soil erosion. Once these roots get removed, it is a high possibility that erosion significantly increases in that area.

So, after tree removal work, you must regularly monitor soil erosion. You can also set up an erosion net if you don’t plant in filling up the gap with other trees.

#Myth 3 – There Is No Harm In Leaving Behind A Tree Stump


Tree removal services usually charge a few extra dollars to eliminate the stump after tree removal. Hence, most homeowners make peace with the stump to avoid the extra cost.

However, it’s not the smartest decision. Leftover stumps shelter nasty ants, termites, and other insects. Apart from spreading to your other healthy trees, the creepers also can explore your home. So, unless the thought of pests doesn’t creep you out, there is indeed no harm in leaving behind a stump.

Myth 4 – Tree Removal And Stump Grinding Leaves An Ugly Hole In Your Property


Yes, tree and stump removal does leave behind a hole. But the tree care experts can fill this hole for you before leaving. They can compact the sawdust from the removal work into the hole and top it with soil in a mounded fashion. As the sawdust breaks down eventually, the mound will settle in level with the rest of the yard perfectly.

#Myth 5 – Tree Stump Removal Burns a Hole In Your Pockets


The tree care services only charge you for their labor and specialized machinery. With the level of expertise and efficiency you get from the professionals, tree removal work is worth the investment.

Don’t Let The Misbeliefs Stop You From Hiring Branch Specialists New Jersey

Myths are fun to hear but dangerous to believe. If you have a tree on your property that is lying dead or infected, call Branch Specialists – the best tree removal company in New Jersey immediately. Our qualified team of arborists will get the work done with the utmost professionalism and care.

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