4 Reasons To Never Hire Unlicensed Tree Services Experts

4 Reasons To Never Hire Unlicensed Tree Service Experts

When it comes to hiring efficient tree services in New Jersey, certification is key. It gives you the assurity that your trees are in good hands. 

Even hiring a licensed tree service company is so crucial that the New Jersey law declares it illegal to operate without one. 

However, if you are hiring the services of the best tree services company in New Jersey like Branch Specialists New Jersey – you have to worry about anything.  Why? Because our services are insured, licensed, and we carry our certification (which is part of their contract) and never hesitate to share with clients.

To better know the answer to why not hire an unlicensed tree service in New Jersey (and the hazards they can bring to your property), keep reading.

4 Reasons To Avoid An Unlicensed Tree Service In New Jersey
 Fraudulent Activities 

A shady tree service can persuade you to prune your trees by promising you a cost that is only half of the total usual service charges. And most people fall into this trap. 

These con artists hire any skilled person for the initial tasks. And once the initial tasks are completed, these fake arborists run away with your money without finishing their contract  (leaving no trace behind).

At Branch Specialists, we offer our clients the complete estimate before starting the services. In cases when we need to travel some extra miles, we may ask you for the travel compensation in advance – but everything is transparent. Moreover, our hiring process ensures that each of our workers holds an NJ arborist license – and anything otherwise is not acceptable for us.

 Lack of Training

Unlicensed arborists are always eager to offer their tree services, but soon after their initial job, people realize how unprofessional they are. And it’s all because they lack proper training.

A fake tree service can charge you very less, compared to a reputed one. But, since they are unskilled, your tree can end up in the worst condition –  as they’d have no idea on how to undertake the job skillfully.

Remember pruning takes time and an unbalanced pruning can result in long-term damage to the tree.  And if someone is claiming to complete it in half a time, chances are they are trying to deceive you.

 No Employee Compensation

A licensed New Jersey tree service always protects its workers with compensation coverage. This compensates workers during their job on your property. If you hire a tree service without proper compensation coverage, that means you’re willingly ready to bear all expenses, in case any accidents happen. 

Our employee protection compensation safeguards our employees against all kinds of tree accidents – protecting you and your property from any damages.

 Insurance for general liability

All types of tree services are risky jobs. And hiring a tree service without general liability insurance is a threat! 

Anytime a branch falls on your tree roof and tears it off, you’ll have to bear that repair expenses. And this is all because you hired the tree service without enquiring about their liability insurance.

As a client, you must check if your tree service company covers general liability insurance. 

Branch Specialists New Jersey liability insurance covers the cost of repairs and any damages that can happen while undertaking tree services. Additionally, most of your property belongings are covered by our liability insurance.

Find out how much covering our insurance policy offers with just a call. We’d be happy to explain. 

Trust The Most Liable Tree Service In New Jersey

As a reputed tree services company in New Jersey, we abide by all the government norms. We fulfill all the legal criteria like licensing, worker compensation, liability insurance, transparency, and more. We house the most dedicated tree professionals to handle your tree service with efficiency and utmost care. Also, after hiring, we train them extensively to undertake all types of tree jobs in New Jersey soil.

With Branch Specialists New Jersey by your side, your trees are in trusted hands. Get your free tree service quotation today.

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