What is the Right Way to Water Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs?

What is the Right Way to Water Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs?

Congratulations! You have a new lush tree on your property. Like all young living things, it will need extra care and attention. A vital part of this care is properly watering the newbies. How and when you water new trees plays a major role in their survival and long-term health. Let’s see why.

Why Watering New Trees Is So Important?

For trees, their tree roots are the major lifeline. They soak up essential nutrients and moisture and help to anchor the tree against the soil. According to the best tree services in New Jersey, the first few years of a tree’s life are critical in building a healthy root system. And to build such strong roots, you have to water and keep them hydrated.

Now that you’ve looked at the importance of watering a new trees let’s move on to how and when to water the neophyte green for optimal success. 

Best Way To Water New Tree

Whether it be an ornamental tree, fruit tree, or a classic shade tree, all newly planted tree require frequent watering. This watering schedule should start right from the time of planting.

Watering New Tree At Planting

While planting new tree, the root ball needs to be fully hydrated before covering it with soil. An optimal way to do this is to place the root balls into the hole and fill it with water. Wait till the water soaks in and drains from the hole. Then, cover it with soil and water once more.

Watering New Trees

Now that you’ve planted your new tree, water it every other day for the first two weeks. Professional tree services recommend planting new tree in cooler temperatures of spring and fall. But if you plant it in summer, watering the newly planted tree and shrubs daily is a must for the first two weeks.

The amount of watering will depend upon the size of the new tree’s trunk. A good rule for watering new trees is 4-5 gallons of water for every inch in the trunk’s diameter. After the first two weeks, cut back the watering schedule to once a week as the plant starts to set its roots.

One of the best ways to water the new tree is by using a 5-gallon bucket with a few tiny holes in the bottom. This slow release of water gives it ample time to soak in and not merely runoff. 

Watering New Tree After 2 Years And Beyond

As young tree grow and mature, proper watering is still vital for their overall healthy growth. The tree that is 1-3 years should be watered frequently during dry and hot periods. Most young trees need an average of 1 inch of rain every week. If Mother Nature is not watering your tree, it’s time for you to water. 

Once the new trees mature and become 4-5 years old, they won’t require frequent watering anymore. The only exception would be during heat waves or extreme drought conditions. 

Let The Professionals Nurse And Tend Your Newbies

The first five years are crucial for the long-term health of trees. At Branch Specialists New Jersey, our skilled arborists take all the necessary care and attention to trees (both old and new) to make them healthy and mature. Investing in our tree care services at the early stage can drastically boost trees’ growth and reduce future maintenance costs.

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