Should You Employ a Tree Care Service For The Summer?

Should You Employ a Tree Care Service For The Summer?

Summer is here, and it is also the second most dangerous season for your plants after winter. You may think that spring is just gone, and after all the pruning and trimming jobs you have done to your tree –  it will be showing some significant growth. 

But there’s more to that!

Summertime can become harmful for your trees if proper tree care and maintenance are not taken. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to take the support of a professional tree care service like Branch Specialists New Jersey. We undertake complete maintenance and care of your trees. Our skills and passion for our job is highly acknowledged by our clients and are voted among the best tree services in New Jersey.

Main Problems Your Trees Face During The Summer

In summer, you will have four major concerns regarding your trees:

 Lack of water and extreme heat conditions.

 The rising temperature also increases the chances of diseases and pest infestations in your trees. Pests like Borers, Chinch bugs, Magnolia scale, Summer aphids, Spider Mites,  and more can significantly harm your trees and plants. 

 Poor pruning or wrong cuttings made in the late winter may affect your trees’ overall health, blocking your plant’s growth.

 Choosing inappropriate locations for plants and trees may lead them into shock. Sometimes, these shocks make them defenseless and may kill your plant.

Make The Perfect Tree Summer-Care Checklist 

In summer, you can rely on Branch Specialists, the leading tree service company in New Jersey, for all your tree care needs. 

But if you have some experience in tree handling and really want to learn about tree care. In that case, you need to follow the following checklist to get an easier approach.

Prune Unsafe, Diseased or Dead Branches, and Unattractive Branches

Pruning is essential for tree care and maintenance. Pruning not only promotes growth, it also makes your tree stunning. Basically, pruning is done to keep your tree in shape.

Pruning also keeps away unsafe, diseased, dead, and unattractive branches and promotes growth. Besides, these branches are health hazards not only for your tree but also for you. Moreover, one wrong cut can severely injure your plant and even kill it.

Pruning is mainly done during the mid and late winters. Now, if you have done pruning and your tree hasn’t shown recognizable growth, you may have made some mistakes during the job. If it is the case, then it becomes necessary you contact a tree care service for assistance.

Cable, Brace or Remove Weak Limbs

You can use cabling or braces to strengthen the attractive and growing branches. This way, the tree gets extra support and remains protected from storms. You can also remove weak tree branches to ensure you stay safe during a storm. 

Broken tree branches flying in a storm can cause serious troubles for anyone. If you can’t do the job by yourself, you can always trust the Branch Specialist for all your tree care services.

Removal of Unsafe Trees

This is the final or last resort you can go through. If you have a dead tree or an unattractive tree that does not match your landscape and want to get rid of it, just remove it. Branch Specialists New Jersey, the leading tree care service agency in New Jersey, can do this for you.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these steps, you can do more for your tree care and maintenance, like mulching, better irrigation support, pest control, etc. But if you feel you can’t handle the things alone, always trust Branch Specialists for any tree care service at your doorstep. 

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