Top Things to know Before Planting Fast Growing Trees On Your Property

In this fast-paced world, people want everything quickly. But with trees, our expert arborists advise not to always rush the growing process. That’s because planting fast growing trees have its fair share of downfall too.

Most homeowners are unaware or have never heard about it. If you also feel at sea about it, do read this blog. First, let’s begin by looking at the range of tree growth rates to get a better understanding of fast growing trees.

What Are Tree Growth Rates?

Our tree services in New Jersey measure your tree’s growth rate by taking into account the vertical increase, canopy spread, and stem diameter growth. Conditions in which a tree grows like soil depth, drainage, sunlight, and wind exposure also affect tree growth rate. 

What Are Slow-Growing Trees?

The trees with a slow annual growth rate of 12 inches or less.

What are Moderate-Growing trees?

The trees have a medium annual growth rate of 13-34 inches.

What Are Fast-Growing Trees?

The trees with fast annual growth of 25 inches or more.

Such a fast growth rate may tempt you to fill in your properties quickly with the fast growing trees. But before you decide to plant one, make sure to read the below points.

The Upsides Of Fast-Growing Trees

Got a spot in the property that you’d like to shield from the sun or the neighbor’s view? Then, fast growing trees stand the perfect choice for such properties.

Plants like hydrangeas, rambling rose, and gooseneck loosestrife fill space in properties, quickly. So, if you’re looking to instantly get full-grown trees for added privacy, the fast growing trees can be of great benefit.

The Downsides Of Fast-Growing Trees

While your property may look great instantly, at the same time, you must be all prepared for ongoing maintenance and care for the fast growing trees. The fast growing trees demand regular pruning. That’s because they self-seed and spread rapidly to grow potentially within a short time.

Also, some fast growing trees such as cottonwood have weak wood due to their rapid growth. This will cause the limbs to break during heavy storms and winds. 

That being said, the benefits of a fast-maturing tree cannot be overseen. The star trees relive your properties with green in no time. So, this Arbor Day, you can plant any of the fast-growing trees in your property with Branch Specialists New Jersey.

Best Fast-Growing Trees To Plant This Arbor Day
1. Hybrid Poplar

This fast-growing tree grows up to 5-8 feet per year. The hybrid polar is a versatile tree that provides a deciduous screen shade to reduce energy costs.

2. Weeping Willow

Depending on the planter, weeping willows can grow 3-8 feet a year. This is one of the fastest of fast-growing plants.

3. Quaky Aspen

The speedily growing quaky aspen grows 2-3 feet high every year. It adds tremendous fall color to a property.

4. River Birch

Renowned for its unique bark, vibrant fall color, and bird habitat, River Birch is one of the fastest-growing trees. 

Plant The Right Tree At The Right Place With Branch Specialists New Jersey

The season of vibrant blooms and sweet scents is right around the corner. Add splashes of color and green to your properties with Branch Specialists New Jersey. Whether slow-growing or fast growing trees, our arborists know how to choose and plant the best one on your property.

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