Tree Care Services: What Do They Have To Offer?

Tree Care Services: What Do They Have To Offer?

How often do you consider calling professional tree care services? Not too often we assume! 

And any time you do, all you want is accuracy and affordable tree service – and we understand your concern!

But do you know what’s more important?  Finding a service that understands your tree needs.

If you have hired the professionals of the best tree removal services in New Jersey before, you must be knowing that they always assess your tree before deciding to remove them. We are talking about Branch Specialists in New Jersey! Our tree care services are dedicated to any tree issues. Here are some of the tree care services a company has to offer.

Different kinds of tree maintenance services that a company has to offer
 Tree pruning 

Pruning is to remove certain parts of your tree like buds, branches, or roots. Tree pruning is done for health and aesthetics. Hence, the following are the times when you need pruning from tree care services:

 Dead, dying, or decayed tree branches.

 Weak and intersecting branches.

 Broken limbs during storms.

 Too large trees may damage properties. 

 Branches are too low.

We advise you to prune trees during the dormant season. However, we fix dangling, decaying branches any time of the year. 

 Tree removal

Tree removal is often the last resort option, for you and for us! Tree care services try their best to keep a sick tree healthy. But, there are a few situations when removal is the only option we’re left with.

A tree removal company eliminates the potential hazard to your yard, home, and loved ones!

Following are the indications when you need a tree removal:

 Excessively sick, damaged, or dead trees.

 Area overcrowded with trees.

 Trees too close to homes.

 A leaning tree.

 A fallen tree.

We do not decide on tree removal right away. If it’s sick, we can check if it can be recovered. Or if it’s near a structure, we check if trimming can help. 

 Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is removing the leftover stump after tree removal. Cutting down a tree is just the first step. By stump grinding, tree care services check the core and kill it from the base. Once we ground it, your stump will die instantly. 

Following are the reasons you need stump grinding:

 Decaying stumps invite fungi or mold.

 Keep away pests.

 Keep your yard safe for pets and kids.

 Increase space in the landscape.

 Enhance curb appeal.

 Prohibits lawn mowing.

Your stump may take about 7 years to decay. But the root system may reappear before that. We can remove the stump right away if you hire us for tree removal. Tree care services carry the stump grinder with other equipment. It’ll just take about an hour! 

Our pros can grind your tree stump without harming any utility lines beneath the roots or stump. 

 Crown Reduction

One of the most common tree maintenance services is crown reduction. By this, tree care services control the tree size by managing the shape or structure of the crown. 

We focus on the limbs of the top portion of the canopy of your trees. Cutting them shorter, we decrease the tree height in your favor. You may consider crown reduction once or twice annually, or once every two years. But make sure to do it between winter and early spring. 

Hire reliable tree care services 

Get your free on-site visit from Branch Specialists New Jersey today! You don’t have to pay us for an on-site visit! No matter what kind of tree care services your tree demands, we are always available. 

Contact Branch Specialists New Jersey at (973) 264-0026!

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