The Tree Got Uprooted From its Roots! What to do Now?

Trees are so precious – with their ability to produce life-sustaining oxygen, shading from the sun, and obviously, their aesthetic appeal. They’re the bringer of a cascade of gold, auburn, and brown leaves throughout the year. Hence, it is always a sad morning when you wake up and see the tree uprooted after a fierce storm. 

Whether it’s a storm, hurricane-force winds, or a bad thunderstorm – the tree can lose a branch or even uproot itself from the base. This situation is enough to bring anyone down. 

BUT what if we tell you that you might have a chance to save these uprooted trees through ways inspected and confirmed by the best tree removal services?

Yes, you heard that right! Your tree might stand a chance now, quite literally. Let’s find out.

Why Do Trees Get Uprooted During Storms?

After a severe storm, have you ever noticed that your trees were the ONLY ones uprooted while your neighbors’ remained intact? No, it’s not bad luck. There are many factors that play a major role in determining which trees will go down. As we have observed as an experienced tree services company in New Jersey, it can happen because:

  • Soil disruption because of constructions
  • Decaying wood
  • Damaged root
  • Poor structure
  • Gradation changes and compacted soil
  • Saturated soil 
Can You Save Your Uprooted Tree?  

The most determining factor is the size and condition of the tree. If your tree is too large with a large, expansive canopy and thick trunk, then salvaging it is nearly impossible, and you would have to call for professional tree removal services. This is because supporting such a large structure would require deep anchoring roots, which are hard to secure. However, if your trees are still small, you’ll be able to save them with proper care. 

Can You Replant An Uprooted Tree?

If you’re fixated on replanting your uprooted tree, then be careful during the process. Be sure that you do not further damage the roots and the branches. You have to lift it back upright at the same position without disrupting its angle, which otherwise could cause more damage than you started out with. 

To answer the question – yes, you can replant but be extremely careful and don’t expect results immediately. 

Can I Save My Partially Uprooted Tree?

If your partially uprooted tree still has 50% or more of its root system intact or it’s less than 10 feet tall, then you can save it. 

Carefully cover the exposed root area with soil and water it regularly. Stake it for extra support. 

Get Those Dangerous Uprooted Trees Removed IMMEDIATELY! 

As much love you have for your tree, sometimes it might be impossible to salvage it back. It can also pose potential problems for you, your family, and your property. Not only will you be dealing with broken branches falling on people but also damaging the utility, water lines, and sewers. The safety risk is too much to be sentimental over! 

The best choice in such situations is to call tree removal services. We can help you remove the root with expert precision without dealing with more safety hazards. Branch Specialists New Jersey specializes in a team of certified arborists who have years of experience in handling all types of complicated tree issues to give you perfect results!   

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