Tree Services Company: Top Factors Contributing to Untimely Death of Trees

You look out of your window and find your dear tree, suddenly, lying dead in the yard – and you wonder HOW? 

The last time the tree services company came to your property for a routine tree check -everything sounded alright. So, how did your tree die?

If this sounds relatable, we, at Branch Specialists, understand your pain. All the tree service near me receives several calls from property owners asking how their tree died all of a sudden. This is a common scenario even at Branch Specialists.

So, we thought of finally addressing this issue and providing some relief to homeowners. In this blog, we will list down all the possible reasons for sudden tree deaths. 

Check it all up and prevent your tree from meeting its untimely demise. 

Spraying Pesticides 

Are your tree leaves curling up after the recent pesticide service from the tree removal services? Or are your leaves discoloring after the professional tree services left your premises?

If that’s the case, your trees are victims of herbicide damage. Most tree services near New York use poor-quality herbicides. Such herbicides attack weeds when they come in contact with non-targeted plants. They eventually disease and kill the trees.

Also, was it a windy day when your recruited tree services near New Jersey showed up to sprinkle pesticides in your garden? Then, it is possible that the pesticide traveled and attacked other healthy plants.

So, choose a reputed tree services company in New Jersey when booking pesticide service on your garden. You don’t want to kill your beautiful plants while trying to ward off pests. 

Trees Planted At Unfavorable Locations

You hire the tree services near me, hoping they will plant the trees in the right way. But most often, the unprofessional tree services plant trees on the first location they come across. They don’t measure the right factors in planting the trees.

Trees planted in the wrong location suffer for a long time and eventually die off.

Look out for these signs to know if the tree services company has made a bad decision while planting trees –

  • Leaves wilting – that implies too wet soil.
  • Leaf desiccation – that implies too dry soil.
  • Powdery mildew – that implies the tree prefers sun.
Over Mulching 

Too much mulch can kill trees. Over mulching affects the amount of oxygen that is available to the trees. The tree roots struggle to find oxygen. This stresses the tree and eventually leads to its demise.

So, ask the tree services company to keep the mulch to 2-4 inches. 

Pests On Trees

Some nasty tree pests eventually take the entire tree down. Voles, borer insects, and weed whackers are few to mention. These pests prevent the tree’s nutrients from moving up and down the trunk. And lack of nutrients starves to death. 

Allow only professional tree experts to inspect such deadly pests and keep them at bay routinely. 

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