4 Colossal and Unfortunate Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

4 Colossal and Unfortunate Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

Tree trimming service is quintessential for the growth, appearance, and health of trees. The best tree trimming services in New Jersey are especially trained on how to remove dead and dying branches effortlessly  This lowers the risk of weak branches falling and tripping on people or things on your property. 

It’s often tempting to take up tree trimming service as a fun DIY project- and it saves money too. However, if you don’t have adequate knowledge and expertise for the job, we strongly recommend against it. We simply don’t state this – but we have seen many people incurring fatal injuries while trying to trim trees. Here are the 4 biggest tree trimming service mistakes homeowners and amateur tree enthusiasts make!

4 Most Common Tree Trimming Services Errors
 Using Blunt Trimming Tools

“Give me 6 hours for tree trimming and removal. I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening my ax” Abraham Lincoln said this.

Did you ever try mowing your lawn with a dull mower blade? You’ll be left with big clumps of grass all across your lawn. And you have to go back to square one and do the task all over again.

The same goes with tree trimming. But it is worse as tree boughs are harder to cut, not to mention riskier. If you spoil your trees’ structure by trying to prune with dull blades, there is no going back.. Tree boughs don’t grow back as the lawn turf does. 

Hence, while tree trimming, keeping your tools blunt is as risky as keeping your trimming skills unsharpened. 

 Over Trimming

Getting carried away while trimming your tree is so common. And we have observed that often inexperienced homeowners trim more than they need to. And this silly mistake costs them a hefty price. 

Over-trimming damages a tree sometimes beyond repair. You must trim away only the dead and dying branches and not the healthy ones that keep your tree alive. And being able to distinguish healthy boughs from unhealthy ones is a skill only skilled arborists master.

 Flush Trimming

Thinking about roaring that chainsaw and going to town on the dead tree branches? Take a moment and think again!

While you may have the idea of what to trim, knowing how to trim is just as important. If the cuts are too close to the trunk, you could create uneven designs on the bark. That will completely ruin the aesthetics of your tree.

 Not to mention, cracks on the trunk are a big welcome invitation to pests, fungus, and disease. Also, if you don’t trim enough, there is the risk of falling tree limbs. 

 Paying No Heed To Safety

We’re not saying homeowners are careless. Untrained people simply don’t know how to do the tree trimming service right.

Tree trimming is a risky and difficult job. One needs time, study, and practice to do it correctly and safely. Certified arborists don’t finish their training by studying safety measures and putting a stop there. They continue with their learning with the updated safety measures to keep their certification. 

Hence, it is obvious homeowners can make a few or many safety errors without adequate knowledge and training. They don’t have any constant access to updated tree trimming tools and techniques to keep themselves safe during the trimming job.

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