When is the Best Time to Trim Your Precious Evergreen Trees?

Evergreen trees are a magnificent green element in any property. Their incredible texture and depths of green hues are a delight to watch.

The evergreens are so reliable that you might think it doesn’t need any tree trimming or maintenance. But it does! Trimming out the dead, diseased and broken branches can boost the overall health of the tree. 

So now, it is established that tree trimming for evergreens should be on your to-do list. The next question that you may wonder is “when is the best time to trim evergreen trees?” Scroll below for the answer.

Best Time For Trimming Conifers

Trimming conifers is very different from trimming deciduous tree. If you hired the best tree trimming services and they planted the conifer in the right place, the tree will demand less trimming. 

But anyhow, trimming is vital. And the best time to trim conifers is in winter or early spring. That is when the conifers are dormant and less vulnerable to damage. 

If you missed trimming the conifers in winter or early spring, trim them after the new season’s growth. It will usually be in late June or July.

When it comes to certain conifer varieties, there are some specifics in the new season’s growth–

  • Pines – Trim as new growth forms in spring.
  • Spruces and firs – Trim new growth in late winter or early spring.
  • Arborvitae – Trim it in early spring or mid-summer.
  • Junipers – Trim them in the early season. Avoid trimming them in mid to late summer.
Best Time For Trimming Deciduous Evergreens

A common misconception is to trim deciduous trees in fall. But that’s wrong! In fall, trees store up their carbohydrates and prepare for the dormant period. 

The best time to trim deciduous trees is in winter or early spring – December through early April. For deciduous conifers, trim them in late winter or after fall.

If trimming them in the fall is an absolute necessity, make sure to hire only the best tree trimming company. They will lower the damage to evergreens. 

Best Time To Trim Broadleaf Evergreens

Broadleaf evergreens must be trimmed in early spring or mid-summer. For boxwoods, you can go for tree trimming anytime during the growing season. That’s because they tend to trim very well. Again, while trimming the broadleaf hollies, winter is the best time. 

When To Trim Evergreen Bushes & Shrubs?

Tree trimming for evergreens won’t be complete without taking a look at the evergreen shrubs. Evergreen shrubs like juniper and yew fall into this category.

For trimming the evergreen bushes, aim for late March or early April. The point is to do it before new growth begins. You can also go for light tree trimming in late June or early July.

Most of all, avoid trimming evergreen shrubs in fall as they remain more vulnerable to winter injury.

Hire The Experts To Trim And Shape Your Evergreens

Not all professional services are adept at trimming evergreen at the right time and the right way. That’s why homeowners hire only the certified arborists of Branch Specialists New Jersey for trimming their evergreens. 

All our tree arborists have years of training and expertise in caring for and maintaining trees of all kinds and sizes. Hire us to try us!

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